Designer Decoded – ADEAM

This past fall I had the lovely pleasure of modeling for the line ADEAM at a local Nashville event called Model Behavior. After spending a bit of time up and close with her SS 2014 line, I started to really wonder where her prints originated. The images seemed somewhat familiar, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I ended up reading what had to say about her collection and was intrigued by what I found.

This is what they had to say, “When Hanako Maeda launched ADEAM (an inversion of her last name) back in 2011, she chose to accent the label’s logo with a plum flower taken from her family crest. Fittingly, nature has served as a continual source of inspiration for the young designer since the beginning. For Fall, Maeda conjured up a modern woodland fairy tale. She referenced Japanese cherry blossoms during Resort, and used hydrangeas as the jumping-off point for her latest lineup today. Riffing on that theme, she developed an interesting, shibori-effect pattern by manipulating hydrangea cells viewed underneath a microscope. The blown-up biological print was shown on feminine pieces like an A-line cap-sleeve dress and a pair of shorts with sheer fabric peeking out from underneath the hem. Maeda also embroidered petals along the sides of a kicky navy miniskirt.”

A1 A2 A3


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