Designer Decoded – Christopher Kane SS2014

Christopher Kane takes us to Biology class in SS2014.

While London collections were filled with floral prints, Kane took the theme to a more scientific interpretation. This season his designs were influenced by botany and photosynthesis. The diagram images you would normally find in your middle school biology textbook found their way on to sweaters, skirts, and clutches. Flower morphology was interjected into almost every single look. He incorporated arrows to symbolize the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that occurs when the flowers undergo photosynthesis. Just as the cells in a flower are meant to ‘breathe’, some garments were literally breathable – having sheer accents and petal-shaped cut-outs.

The placement in the details of the crocodile clips (reminiscent to those similar for grafting or clipping orchids to posts) continued the botany theme. Just the fact that Kane went so far to use these instead of buttons or pins is highly impressive.

The heels were similar to folded petals. Some were iridescent with sheer panels.

Want to see more science-based designs from this designer?

Shop his work on Net-a-Porter HERE

He has a sweatshirt with an image of an MRI brainscan!!

We have featured Kane on our website a few other times. He tends to always have some sort of scientific or technological influence. Last season the line was influenced by 3D Mesh Topology. Click the following image to read the article.

Christopher Kane set1

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