NFW -Day 1 Recap

Nashville Fashion Week is coming to a close tonight. If you missed any of the shows, we’ll be writing a few recap articles.

Day 1 Recap

The first night of shows were held at the Pinnacle building. Great space, lots of room, and it overlooked Nashville’s iconic Broadway St.

The only critique we had was the lack of information about parking on Nashville Fashion Week’s Schedule board. We had been to a Pinnacle Building show the first year of Fashion Week, so we were well aware of the parking situation. But, if you were from out of town, or it was your first time to the Pinnacle for a show – you probably were thrown for a loop in the $20 garage charge (cash only, no less). Also, the competition for a parking spot was against those going to the Predators hockey game.

Other than that, the turn-out for the shows opening night were great. The models did a nice job and the lines were beautiful. By far our favorite line-up of the week.

Red Carpet

Here are some images from our favorite looks from the night.

Kal Reiman

Red Doll By TM

(Revisit our Q&A with the designer HERE)


(Visit our Q&A Article with Misha HERE)


Abigail Bobo (credited)

Eric Winton – All other images

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