NFW Designer Spotlight – TUFT

Ok, let’s get one thing straight.

If you live in Nashville, you pretty much know that the fashion community here is growing —BUT it’s still rather small.

Basically, everyone knows everyone that has anything to do with fashion.

The reason we’re mentioning this is because we didn’t first see Jessica Jones’ work in a store (She is in Local Honey). We actually first saw her work on our friends’ facebook pages.

Photographer Jesse Koska, Stylist Aria Cavaliere Negri, models Rachel Ruff and Laura Hanson Sims – both represented by AMAX.

Here’s the image we saw that caught our eye.


Image by Jesse Koska


Jessica Jones is the designer for TUFT.

She mentions that the name came from her favorite shade of pink called, “a candy tuft.”

She is a designer, illustrator, and freelance writer.  She graduated from O’More College of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design and Merchandising in 2010.

Our take on her designs–fun and inventive with a dash of ‘quirky’.

The design DNA seemingly tailored to that girl that wants to make a subtle (or not so subtle) statement to the world.

Q&A with Jessica Jones


1. What is your favorite part of Nashville Fashion Week?

The opportunity to show my clothes to an audience. I had so many different people come up to me last year that I never suspected would be into my clothes. It’s also really nice to get some compliments after you’ve been locked up in a sewing cave for so long.

2. Where do you hope to find yourself in the next 5 years?

I am working towards having design as my full time job – hopefully in five years that will happen, whether that means owning my own business or working with other brands. In the meantime, I will continue my juggling act of various side jobs. It keeps it interesting!

3. What is your favorite spring trend this season?

Short skirts! I’m looking forward to wearing short printed skirts with t-shirts.

4. Favorite go-to clothing accessory?

I’m horrible about wearing accessories. I never wear any, ever. If it’s a special occasion I’ll put a jeweled barrette in my hair and some super pink lipstick and I’m good to go. Design-wise, my favorite accessory to include in my line are sunglasses. They just make everyone look so COOL.

5. What usually inspires your designs?

Music is an inspiration every time I design. For this collection I listened to Iggy Pop and New Order. Also, color has a profound impact on me…. I usually start my design process with the idea of a palette. When I see color combinations in my everyday that I really like, I write myself a note so I can remember it later. One I recently noted is light lavender and maroon – so good, right?

Here are a few images from her Dots Collection

Holiday 2012

Model Erla Gribb  – who might we add, is a finalist in Nashville Fashion Week’s model search!

NFW Model Search

You can see Jessica present her collection on Wednesday April 3rd at the Trolley Barns at Rolling Mill Hill.

The cocktail hour is at 6:30 pm at The Trolley Barns at Rolling Mill Hill Terrace (9 Lea Avenue)

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