Fall Fashion

Fashion Week Favorites Day 5

Reem Acra

Rarely do we find a collection where we are in love with the entire show. Reem Acra didn’t disappoint this time around. We loved the choice of red and the different textures. We would wear every piece from the runway.

Our first thought was Japan after seeing the slight kimono influence in the wrapping and long sleeve detail.  Especially after seeing the use of the cranes.

Turns out, she was inspired by Japan after all – per style.com’s review.

Apparently more and more designers are being influenced by Japan lately – Monique Lhuillier just did a spring line that encompassed prints of Japanese cranes, koi, and what she calls ‘scales’. We thought they looked a little more like Japanese water paintings. We plan to do an entire blog around Monique’s spring line.

Monique is re-presenting the spring collection here in Nashville in April, so we’ll cover the event and blog about it later.

ICB – Prabul Gurung

More rounded sleeve sweaters at ICB similar to the ones we were talking about in our last article HERE.

Loved the use of color in the collection and the continuing trend of leather. Prabul has always been one of our favorites, so maybe we are a little biased this go around. We enjoyed the collection and his ever enduring desire to change the basic blazer.

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