Fall Fashion

Fashion Week Favorites – Day 2

A note to our fashion followers:

Our original intent was to cover NYFW with daily re-caps.

Unfortunately, due to a death in the family, travel, and a gnarly head cold- this was unaccomplished.

But, life always continues – so here is our recap of NYFW Day 2.

Nicole Miller

This collection was a bit all over the place – one minute it was ‘rocker’, the next it was slightly tartan, then a slap of print. We weren’t wild about the graphic prints, actually. We suppose it just stems from us knowing we have seen ‘better’.

The jackets/blazer/opera jackets were pretty and functional, but as a whole we found it was somewhat lost in it’s cohesiveness.

Layering continued – which we liked.

Here were our favorites.

Tommy Hilfiger

We loved the white heels and the chance to wear knee high socks again.

Rebecca Minkoff

Our inner science nerd did a little happy dance when we saw the SPACE t-shirt – except we think that it was just an overall messy look. It could have been better. We will cover more designers from the week again soon. Till then, happy shopping!!
All images Style.com

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