Project Runway Viewing Party for Amanda Valentine

Nashville has it’s share of talented people: musicians, athletes, designers, and photographers. Therefore, if you learn anything from us here at DNA Stylix, know that Nashville is on the edge of a Fashion Renaissance. There are designers such as Otis James, Jamie & the Jones and Shea Steele (who designs for the line White Rabbit). I had the pleasure of modeling for White Rabbit a few years ago and below are some photos from that shoot.


These designers live in what is considered “East Nashville” and are considered “East Nashville Designers”. This section of town is across the river from downtown, in what used to be a well-to-do area of town that faded from glory only to be revitalized at the start of the new century as a mecca for artists. It is easily comparable to NYC’s East Village of the 1960s. This underground niche has been at it for a few years – working full time jobs, designing on limited budgets – turning out some pretty creative clothes. Another one of these talented designers is none other than:

Amanda Valentine of Valentine Valentine.


Amanda, if you don’t know, is representing Nashville’s design scene in this season’s Project Runway.


Amber of DNA Stylix, Amanda Valentine, & Stylist Caitlin Colling

Here’s one of our favorite designs from Amanda:

(It would have fit in with our Armor Article nicely! Love the textured leather!)


Here’s a couple more from that collection we love!

valentine valentine1

Her viewing party was held at No308 in East Nashville on Thursday 24MAR2013.


The vibe was certainly laid back – the show played on a screen, bartenders were hard at work pouring specialty cocktails, and those in attendance critiqued the designs on the screen (when they stopped visiting with friends.)

We’re guilty of visiting with everyone – glad we TIVO’d!

Family joined Amanda at her table. Up front near the screen was some of Amanda’s closest friends – gathered and curled up on the floor like a sleep over, intensely watching every minute of the show. Every time she came on screen, the crowd would cheer. Valentine has such a great support group here, but honestly, that’s East Nashville. It is a group that is laid back but energetic, creative & locally supportive.

We look forward to the rest of Project Runway’s season and what this designer has planned for her line.


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