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Inkblots -Q&A Designer Viktor Luna


Rorschach’s Test (or inkblot test) was commonly once used in psychiatry to help diagnose mental patients. It is basically a bilaterally similar image used to bring about certain thought patterns when shown to patients undergoing psychiatric treatments. It can reflect inner emotional thoughts that may not be perceived with traditional questioning. The image normally builds from the middle outward as if someone poured ink into the middle of a piece of paper, folded it, ran it over with a steam-roller, then opened it.

Here at DNA Stylix we have decoded a trend in the use of lace, silk tulle, embroidery, and prints very similar to that of inkblots once used in psychiatry in many of today’s fashion designs.

~Let’s see if you can guess which of these are true ink blots~

1                2                 3                 4            5

If you guessed #1 and #5, then you are correct!

Let’s look at #2 and #4.

Images from Style.com

This is Fall 2011 RTW Marchesa.

Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman have embraced the inkblot whether they realize it or not. Numerous pieces have emerged from their design studio featuring this type of detail. Apparently, they like this style of design since it has trickled into their Fall 2012 RTW.

(Their Fall 2012 RTW also featured skeleton and muscle patterns. We will focus on this in our post next week.)

Other designers are embracing the inkblot as well.

Images Style.com

Top left is Fall 2012 Couture Valentino. Bottom right is Fall 2012 Couture Elie Saab.

A number of Elie Saab pieces could be categorized as ‘inkblots’. Be sure to check out the rest of Elie Saab’s collection HERE.

It is very beautiful.

Finally, a little less lace and a lot more print.

Project Runway Season 9 Finalist, Viktor Luna:

Viktor Luna in his NYC Studio


Say hello to our readers:

“Hello fashion bunnies! My name is Viktor Luna and I am a designer from NYC. I was born in Jalisco Mexico, raised in L.A. and moved to NYC in 2002. I attended at the Fashion Institute of Technology where I learned most of my academic techniques. My mother was a seamstress and she taught me most of the foundation of creating tailored garments. I have always been interested in creating and having my hands on fashion. Fashion came naturally to me I guess, it’s after my mother and her previous generations. It’s my mission and satisfaction to transform someone’s way of feeling when they wear Viktor Luna.”

What usually inspires your collections?

“The inspiration for my collections can be a photograph, building, nature, art etc.  My daily life. I am always thinking and transforming my direction of the season collection. It always seems to have a direction, but as I work I always make room for change and transformation.”

Image Lendon Flanagan

You use beautiful prints for your collections; do you design the print yourself?
“Yes, I do. My prints are taken from photographs I take during my search for inspiration. I studied photography initially and I try to apply it to my garments by taking the image and printing it.”

A few of your prints are very similar to inkblots used in psychiatry – was this something you noticed when you designed the print?
“Yes you’re right, they sort of look like inkblots. I guess I can say it comes naturally for me to work with my own image print. Photo prints are very inspiring to me, they always seem to transform as I work and sew them together creating a total different image from the initial photo.”

Do you follow any fashion blogs? If so, which one(s)?

Image Lendon Flanagan

“I really don’t follow any fashion blogs. I do sometimes look at Tumblr and see the people I follow.”

Who is the one celebrity that you would love to see wear your work?
“Would love to see Tilda Swinton or Agyness Deyn wear my garments. But I rather see real

Image Lendon Flanagan

people wear my clothes, they are my celebrities.”

Are there any secrets you can tell us about your next collection?
“I can say it’s going to be less print and more monochromatic. There will be lots of menswear tailoring infused in the women’s collection.”

Where can we purchase your designs?
“You may find the current collection at Church Boutique in West Hollywood L.A. And on my website www.viktorluna.com eStore. Personal orders are always welcome by contacting info@viktorluna.com”

Image Lendon Flanagan

Having received a few of these pieces to wear, we have concluded that Viktor has a wonderful talent. If you have ever tried to sew, matching a fabric’s design to other pieces in the pattern is no easy task. In fact, creating a balanced garment is rather tricky.

We are impressed with the symmetry that Viktor is able to capture. His construction is very sound and we love the fact that he designs/creates his own fabric instead of constantly relying on a fabric store.

Even though his next collection is scheduled to be a bit more monochromatic, we look forward to what this young designer has in store.


Happy Shopping!

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